Daily Style Diary – Stillwater, MN


SHOP THE POST: | Tee- Forever21 // Jacket- Forever21 // Skort- Zara // Purse- Kate Spade // Shoes- VANS

Kind of late on this post, but here it is anyways. Finally came back to MN from my over-stayed vacation in Texas. 3 days turned into like 16 days, lol. Biggest change was definitely the weather. I went from almost a hunnid degrees to 70 real quick. The weather was kind of gray that Monday and it was chilly enough to throw on a jacket. The pastel blue color of the jacket makes my outfit felt more appropriate for spring/summer. And a pair of slip-ons made the outfit very comfy & sporty and less dressed-up with the ruffled skort.

Anyways, my niece is on summer break and I’m of course not doing anything too important aka working or schooling at the moment, so I decided to go wonder. Per usual, my niece and I never really know where to go, but I saw this ad thing on Facebook about a huge teddy bear statue, so we decided to go there and look for it. There took us to Stillwater, Minnesota. I’ve never been to this side of MN for some reason, but Stillwater is a pretty neat little town. There’s cool little shops and restaurants around the lake where you can walk, enjoy the view, and do touristy stuff like getting on a boat and what not.


Before being able to find the teddy bear statue, I came across a very interesting bookstore. Black Letter Books has a really cool, antique vibe and not your typical Barnes and Noble type store. Definitely check it out if you are ever in that area.

And finally down below with the photos, I found the Teddy Bear Park. Mission accomplished! Felt like an extra big kid there with all the little toddlers, lol. But it’s a super cute park that’s almost hidden on top of a big hill. The climb was no joke. x) How many of ya still cuddle with teddy bears? =p #NoShameInTheCuddleGame


Photographer: Serenity K. Vang

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