5 Ways to Style a Little Black Dress for Fall

It’s so weird to say this, but it’s not fall where I live yet ;( I’d be freezing in Minnesota by now if I was still there. BUT, I am def. not complaining. The only reason why I want colder weather in Texas is so that I can start wearing sweaters, jackets, boots, and all that fun stuff. Also, I’ve also notice that in most, if not all my blog posts, I talk about Minnesota, Texas and the weather a lot. Should I become a meteorologist? Lol, just kidding even though it’s probably an interesting career. Anyways, to the purpose of this blog post: 5 different ways to style a little black dress for fall that you probably already have in your closet so you don’t have to spend more money on clothes. (but who am I kidding, we all spend anyways)

1. Street Style


SHOP THE OUTFIT \\ Dress: H&M | Jacket: H&M | Boots: Target | Belt Bag: Sears (similar)

I feel like camo anything automatically gives an outfit a more street vibe because it’s ‘cool’ & ‘hyped’. I paired it up with some classic combat boots to give it an edgy look as well. My favorite part of this outfit is the belt bag. Super, super trendy right now and it goes with any outfit. I love the rose gold color. I actually like rose gold anything, lol. If you’re living somewhere with cold, cold weather, just layer on a thicker jacket and a pair of sheer tights to add more warmth to your legs.

2. Stay s̶h̶a̶d̶y̶ Chic


SHOP THE OUTFIT \\ Blazer: thrifted (similar) | Dress: H&M | Sneaker: Nike | Sunglasses: Sunice

It helps that I’m petite so the blazer is long enough to wear it as a blazer jacket. Ya know I love my sneakers so I paired it with my Nike Airmax Thea for a casual look. Pair it with some pointed-toe black boots that has a skinny heel and it will look very nice, chic, and high-fashion esque. The red sunglasses completes the outfit to make it look very fashionable. The major hype of these glasses were during spring/summer this year, but you can transition them into the fall/autumn season as well. Thanks to Sunice glasses for sending me this pair. Use my code “birdysparadise25” to get 25% off your order from the website. 😉

3. Fuzzy Sweater


SHOP THE OUTFIT \\ Sweater: H&M | Dress: H&M | Sneaker: Nike

Everyone has a soft fuzzy sweater somewhere in their closet. Instead of pairing it with your basic leggings or jeans, try putting it over a dress to make it seem like you actually tried. You can wear it with sneakers, boots, anything. For more warmth, throw on a jacket or blanket scarf and you good!

4. Cardi – G (an)


SHOP THE POST \\ Cardigan: Cotton On | Dress: H&M | Boots: H&M

Cardigan with anything is a cute outfit. Oversized cardigans are the best! This outfit is for the days when you’re in a rush or don’t really want to think about your outfit, but still want to look like you tried. I’m not too big on accessories because I always forget to wear them, but throw on a felt or wool material fedora to dress it up a little more.

5. Boho-Chic


SHOP THE OUTFIT \\ Dress: (similar) | Little Black Dress: H&M | Booties: A’gaci

A little flowy black dress is perfect to wear underneath a sheer/see-through dress. I’ve been loving this dark green color for fall. Again, accessorize it with a fedora if you want to add on something more.

A little black dress is definitely a staple piece everyone needs in their closet. The more simple the dress is, the more outfits you can put together. Hope ya enjoyed this post! Let me know which one was your favorite outfit and what you would like to see me style next. Thanks! ❤

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