Daily Style Diary – Grand Ave



I think the only person who I can hang-out with and boss around all day is my niece. But I’m a nice & chill boss, lol. I like hanging out with her because she never complains about what we do, and it’s always an adventure no matter where we go. She’s like the little sister I never had.

I like walking down streets and discovering the shops there. I remember when I first moved to Minnesota 5 years ago, Grand Ave in St. Paul was one of the first places I went to. Tea Garden, now replaced with Sencha Tea Bar, and Café Latte are my two favorite places there. I try to get something different every time I go to Sencha because all the drinks taste so delicious. I don’t like to eat cake often, but the Tres Leche cake at Café Latte is pretty good. My niece and I went to Grand Ole Creamery & Grand Pizza and had some bomb ice-cream with waffle. I wanted some pizza afterwards too but I knew I was going to take one bite and be full, lol.

waffle icecream



I tried to look for a vintage shop on Grand Ave, but for some reason I couldn’t find it. I remember going to a vintage shop there a while ago though. Maybe it’s not there anymore, or maybe I just couldn’t find it. But what I did find, a stationary store. Paper Source has everything I could ever want, lol. Maybe one day I’ll be rich enough to open up a stationary store. : )

Outfit details: sister’s closet. I have a lot of sisters, but only one lives in Minnesota with me. And she’s skinny, skinnier than me, but I like to invade her closet a little when I go over, lol. It’s fun! It’s like shopping without actually shopping and spending money because my sister has a lot of clothes too. Perks of having siblings. She got the shorts & shoes from Forever21 and I’m not sure about the top, but I’ll list some similar items below.

1.) http://www.makemechic.com/products/Striped-T-shirt-With-Gingham-Ruffle-Sleeve-39017.html?url_from=adplatee170410701S&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxcrI95OT1QIVFWx-Ch3nxAkzEAQYASABEgKhJfD_BwE

2.) http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/halogen-ruffle-sleeve-top-regular-petite/4627457?pathAlias=halogen-ruffle-sleeve-top-regular-petite

chill couch

Daily Style Diary – July 4th, 2017


July 4th fell on a Tuesday this year. Spent my Friday, Saturday, & Sunday partying with friends, so I decided to spend time with my family and have a chill day. Alcohol is exhausting after so many days, lol. Spontaneously went to Duluth for the day with my family. Duluth is one of my favorite places to go to in Minnesota. From the twin cities, it’s about a 2 hours drive. Took my mom onto the scenic chair lift and she was so scared. It was funny, but she enjoyed it after she got over the height fear. The scenic chair lift at Spirit Mountain is basically a ride that takes you high above ground level to see an amazing view of Duluth. It’s beautiful, calm, & relaxing. We went to the Rose Garden after and took tons of photos of my mom because she loves taking photos. I guess that’s where I get it from, haha!

My sister commented on my outfit, “You still dress like you’re 16, Bird.” Lol. Kid at heart. Or does 16 years old dress like they’re 22 like me, hmmm? Haha. Fashion has no age limit. But seriously, crop tops & high-waisted shorts are my favvv. July 4th and I was feeling a little festive. Fun fact: I DIY my USA crop-top in the car ride to Duluth. It was my bf’s old Nike t-shirt that he didn’t wear anymore, so I took it and made use of it. The t-shirt is so simple, you can recreate it by ironing on letters onto a simple t-shirt. My shorts was actually Levi jeans that I thrifted and transformed them into shorts. I’m sure everyone knows how to DIY jean shorts, and if not, there are tons of YouTube tutorials. Just type in ‘diy high-waisted shorts’ or something along those lines.


“This is California!”
(This photo just reminded me of EDC for some reason, lmfao.)

We tried to go find a restaurant to eat in Duluth, but everything was closed because of the holiday. Came back home and went to a buffet because it was the only thing that was opened around the time we got back into the cities.

Ended the night watching fireworks. I haven’t watched fireworks on July 4th in nearly 4 years. I remember the first year I moved to MN, I watched it with all my little cousins, and finally this year I decided to watch fireworks again.

This is a late post about my Independence day, but I hope you all had a good holiday as well!lovefireworks

Finding an outlet in a skater skirt

When things get a little messy and your mind begins to clutters, what do you do? For the past couple months, I’ve felt kind of lost and unmotivated. Negative mind, negative thoughts, negative vibes. It’s nothing and no one in particular, it’s just unwelcomed feelings and overthinking. Definitely overthinking about life in general. It took a toll on me. As time proceeds, you find an outlet somehow, someway. Everyone goes through this weird phase here and there. But always remember: this too, shall pass. Everyone deals with their issues in their own ways. One thing I like to do is read. Find a good book and get lost in it. Reading forces me to concentrate on the context and it minimizes the unnecessary thoughts in my mind. I know reading isn’t for everyone, but if you find a good book in something that interests you, it can be so therapeutic. I’ve been reading a lot of personal growth/self-help books. But aside from those, I’m currently reading a novel called “Sad Girls” by Lang Leav. Lang is one of my favorite author, hands down. Lang’s other books are poetry books, but her writing is so beautiful. I definitely recommend checking her work out. And no, this is not an ad,  I’m just being honest, lol. I’ve read all her poetry books and I’m sure her first novel is going to be just as good.

Definitely recommend me some good books. It’s halfway through the year already, but a goal of mine for 2017 is to read more.







“Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other.”


Outfit details: Everything I’m wearing is from Forever21 I believe. Minus the shoes. The bralette, suede cami, & the denim skater skirt. Shoe is the all white Nike roshe.


ath.lei.sure /aTH(e)’leZHer/ noun: casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable for both exercise and everyday wear; athletic and leisure.

Have you ever seen people walk around where ever you are either at school, shopping, movies, bowling, brunch, etc, looking like they just semi got back from the gym? Guilty! I’m one of those people. Nothing screams comfy more than a good pair of athletic leggings. Comfy & stylish? Yasss. I love incorporating gym clothes, especially leggings, into my style. Ends up looking like I put a lot of work into my outfit, but really it’s so effortless. Plus, it saves me money from buying clothes just for the gym…when I do go. ;p

A little statistics here, the trend boomed in 2016 and according to The Wall Street Journal, the market is estimated to grow by 30% by 2020.

What’s your take on ‘gym‘ clothes trending in the fashion world for everyday wear?

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designing desk area.

I often find myself writing or reading on my bed 99.9% of the time. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner, but the idea of having a small desk area came into my mind not too long ago. Stationary items, especially notebooks and colorful pens, makes me happy. It’s kind of an obsession actually. I have enough pens to last me a life time. And I probably have over 50+ empty notebooks just because.

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