SHOP MY CLOSET: Jacket Edition

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My winters went from 0 to a hunnid real quick when I moved to Minnesota from North Carolina about 6 years ago. It does snow a little in NC, but it’s nothing compared to the amount of snow in MN. I remember my first winter in Minnesota and I saw everyone with ice scrapers and snow shovels in the trunk of their cars. And I discovered that there was such a thing like automatic car starters, like breh, WHAT?! Lol. Definitely a climate shock for me. Why do people even still live here? But then again for the past 6 years, I’ve asked myself the same thing. I think I kind of got used it even though I still complain about the weather every winter. >,<

Anyways, my jacket collection has grown throughout the years. You can never have too many winter coats, at least not where it snows a lot like here in Minnesota. Below is my jacket collection. Well, part of it anyways. And the best part? You can shop all these exact same jackets here on my Poshmark and then some. If you don’t know what Poshmark is, it’s basically a community of awesome people! 🙂 But really, Poshmark is a great website and app where millions of users buy, sell, and trade fashion and other things. Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by Poshmark. I honestly just like to use Poshmark to sell my clothing items that are still in good condition. Unfortunately, Poshmark is not International and only for the U.S. Click on the links to be directed to the jacket for purchasing and more info. I recommend downloading the app because you can make me offers and such versus using the website. Happy shopping!

Zara Fur Coat

The North Face Puffer

MissFofo Puffer

Calvin Klein Puffer

Carolina Herrera Coat

Tommy Hilfiger Puffer

Mossimo Velvet Jacket

Eddie Bauer Jacket

Banana Republic Coat

Ann Taylor Coat

Life is short; buy the jacket x

PC: Serenity K. Vang

Puffer Bomber Jacket


Happy Tuesday! The weather in Minnesota is warming up a little bit, still sort of bipolar. I can walk outside for a while without having to wear layers and layers of clothing. And without having to see my breath the moment I step out. Anything above 0 degrees for me is warm weather in MN, lol. My sisters live in North Carolina and every time they see my outfits on Snapchat or Instagram, they always ask, “Dang, ARE YOU NOT COLD?!” x) Hi sisters. I know all you lovelies will read this sooner or later, miss you all. ❤

My new favorite jacket is from…TARGET. I went to Target for one thing the other day and came out with 20 things. This is what Target does to me every time I go there. I’m sure most of you can relate, lol. #NoSelfControl ~ Not sponsored, but sponsor me, haha. Enjoy this outfit! Look below for full outfit details.

Jacket- Target: similar1 similar2 similar3
Jeans- BDG by Urban Outfitters: similar
Sneaker- Nike Roshe High1 Sneaker Boot: exact
Beanie- H&M ‘I’m the answer no matter what the question is.’
Crop Top- Pac Sun


These jumping photos were a lot of work, lol They all turned out pretty hilarious. But it was fun. Birdy can fly sometimes through still moments. ;p


If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

PC: Serenity K. Vang